Leapfrog Learning Library

The Leapfrog Learning Library has over 700 games, apps, eBooks, videos & music, impossible to go through them all here. I’ve found some of the popular ones of the cartridge kind (physical product, not downloads) that suit pre-school learning and are less than $25.

All those games can add up, so remind your family and friends that the LeapFrog learning apps make good presents for birthdays and Christmas!
LeapFrog apps cover all curriculum areas and in a way that your kids don’t realize they’re even learning.

LeapFrog Learning Library

LeapFrog Learning Friends: Preschool Adventures Learning Game

The Pre-school Adventures learning game is aimed at 3 to 4 yrs, although younger children can enjoy it too, even as young as 2yrs. It works with all LeapPad and Leapster GS systems (LeapFrog Epic, LeapPad Platinum, LeapPad Ultra, LeapPad1, LeapPad2, LeapPad3, Leapster Explorer, LeapsterGS Explorer) and there are 3 adventures which cover:

  • letters
  • names
  • sounds
  • shape recognition
  • music and rhythm

Personalized for every child, the LeapFrog Learning Friends has many different ways for kids to play the many mini-games.

Some of the mini-games adapt automatically to the learning level of your child so they’ll get the right challenge for them to participate in.

Every time a mini-game starts, kids can choose their own companion for the game. They can click on shells, whales and other creatures in the beach scene for sounds and animations.They can also do things like helping characters blow out birthday candles and open presents and interact with toys and creatures in the playground.

As an example, in the snorkeling mini-game featuring Turtle, younger kids, or kids just starting will help Turtle search for and find a certain letter. As these are answered correctly, fish will start to swim showing incorrect letters, challenging them to discern from letters like b and d.

The Learning Friends from the Leapfrog Learning library is an excellent game to get your kids starting on core curriculum concepts. Younger kids will soon learn to progress through this intuitive learning system.

Buy The LeapFrog Learning Friends: Preschool Adventures Learning Game

Disney Minnie Bow-Tique Super Suprise Party

This is one based on the popular Minnie Disney character which kids will love if they’re already familiar with the character. It covers:

  • LeapFrog Disney Minnie's Bow-tique Super Surprise Party Learning Game word Sounds
  • rhyme
  • logic
  • memory skills
  • letter recognition
  • reasoning
  • colors
  • art and drawing

Minnie’s Bow-tique Super Surprise Party has mini-games that encourage your kids to blend sounds into words and match upper- and lowercase letters. This helps them to build a strong foundation for early reading.

It has all the same specifications as the previous 2 so I won’t repeat that info!

You can do things like help Daisy Duck pack her Butterfly Bows. by identifying a word by blending sounds. Then you grab the bow with a picture of that word.

The interface is easy to understand so kids are drawn into the game quickly. It’s also easy to navigate, for example, items in the game are highlighted promoting kids to click on them.

This is really for younger children although the recommended age is 3 to 5 yrs. It’s probably more suitable for 2 to 4 yrs, it has simple challenges that older kids will get bored with easily.

Although popular it’s a bit overpriced for what you get. Having said that, I’ve seen kids play with Minnie’s Bowtique for long periods of time. I’ve also seen tantrums when you try and remove it from them!

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Sesame Street Solve it with Elmo

The last game I’ll be looking at in this article, from the Leapfrog Learning Library. With the very popular character, Elmo from Sesame Street this app covers:

  • LeapFrog Learning Game: Sesame Street Solve it with Elmo simple machines
  • engineering
  • physics
  • problem solving
  • logic & reasoning

Core science skills are learned by experimenting with Sesame Street characters. To rescue Elmo’s toys from a tree means learning about levers and weights. To get Abby’s pig pals stay afloat in their boat, kids need to experiment with weight and balance. There’s also a magnet to play with so kids can learn which objects it attracts.

As they play the game your kids can earn stickers to decorate and build a secret mega machine. As the mega machine gets assembled it can be put into action to see what it does.

LeapFrog have the age recommendation right on this one, 3 to 5 yrs. Most younger toddlers just wouldn’t grasp the concepts.

One pre-school teacher had this to say:

“This game has kept my classroom of preschoolers engaged and on task! Grover flies, he balances pigs, he finds wheels for Elmo, and through it all he is teaching my students about shapes, weight and how to solve a variety of math problems. They think they are playing but I know they are learning. This game is a must for anyone with young children. It is full of fun games and videos. There has been a line to play this game ever since I put it out. It is loved by both girls and boys alike.”

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Disney Doc McStuffins Learning Game

Another character from Disney, the Doc McStuffins learning game has problem-solving challenges. The specifications and age recommendations are the same as the Pre-school Adventures game.

This is a problem-solving game learning through helping Doc McStuffins to treat the patients. It also helps kids to learn health lessons. The core skills covered are:

  • logic and reasoning skills
  • health and hygiene (hand washing, teeth brushing, and getting fresh air).
  • making observations

The Doc’s has a rescue which collects hurt toys and flys them to the clinic. There are bonus items to collect as well as obstacles that have to be avoided. helicopter Rescue Ronda to search Doc’s yard for hurt toys and fly them back to the clinic. Watch out for new bonus items to collect and obstacles to avoid.

Once the “patient” is at the clinic, kids use reasoning and observation skills to cure illnesses such as Blurrystaritis and Dusty-Musties.

There are special bandages to be earned throughout the game and your kids own bandage designs can be created in the Bandage Art Studio.

This game has something called Micromods, available on most cartridge games, and allows you to add more “features” to the game for free. You connect the LeapPad to your computer and then download them via LeapFrog Connect. Doc McStuffins has 4 of these Micromods:

  • a penguin stamp in the bandage art studio
  • new main menu design
  • a new tool for Doc’s clinic
  • a new pattern in the art studio.

The Disney Doc McStuffins learning game is great fun for older pre-school kids. Some 3 yr olds might manage, but it’s more suited for 4yrs up.

If your kids are already familiar with the Doc McStuffins character then they’ll love this!

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