LeapFrog Activity Tracker

LeapFrog Activity Tracker

The LeapFrog Activity Tracker Band attaches to the wrist and encourages physical activity for children by presenting challenges that are fun. Kids can earn rewards by running, jumping and playing. Does your kid need one? Let’s take a look and see!

A really cool feature is the  customizable pet pal that lives on the band, it gets powered as your kids activities are registered.

 LeapFrog Activity Tracker Band petThe LeapFrog Activity Tracker teaches:

  • Food & Nutrition
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Health & Hygiene

There are a number of different pets to choose from and you get a choice of colors, you can also choose a name. The more active your kid is, the more rewards they’ll get which then allows them to play games.

Learning with the LeapFrog Activity Band

Leapfrog have marketed this activity band at ages 4-7 yrs however, I think by 7 yrs many will have outgrown it, it’s more suited for younger kids. Having said that, it’s a pretty clever idea for getting kids active while still using electronics, better than sitting staring at a screen for hours!

It features:

  • 50 Fun Active Challenges – Parents can set these up according to the skill level of the child
  • 8 Customizable Pets – The customizable pets include a dragon, unicorn and robot as well as more common pets like a cat and dog. Your kids can choose their pet’s name and color, also feed and groom them. To be able to play with their pet, they need to gain points by completing challenges, it’s a reward based system. Rewards unlock extra features for interacting with their pet.
  • On-Device Games & Rewards – Rewards = fun!
  • Analog/Digital Watchthe tracker can also be used as a watch and teaches time concepts, for example, “it’s sleepy time” can be pre-set near your child’s bedtime.
  • High-Resolution  Screen – 1024 x 768, always good on any electronic visual devices. 
  • Adjustable Band – easily adjusts to child’s wrist size.
  • USB Connectivity – you can connect to your computer to download the LeapFrog system and get it setup
  • Rechargeable Battery – this is excellent news. So many pre-school toys don’t have this feature and it can cost you a TON buying new battereis.
  • Water Resistant – the tracker is able to cope with small spillages, don’t let your kid take it in the bathtub though!

LeapFrog activity bandThe LeapFrog Activity Tracker isn’t touch screen. If your kids have already been used to using touch screens, younger ones make take a while to figure it out.

The tracker band is a bit rigid but it is light to wear. The kids don’t really seem to notice, they’re too busy trying to earn reward jewels!

There have been reports that the band is a bit large for younger kids, even on the smallest hole, but I guess this depends on the size of the child’s wrist.


Parents can manage the playing time, there are quiet and school modes. Up to 36  challenges like “Jump like a frog” and “Walk like a crab” to get kids moving and earning rewards.

With their pets, the concept of healthy eating habits is introduced. Kids can help their pet collect food to make healthy snacks and get fun facts about nutrition.

There aren’t a huge amount of learning challenges on the LeapFrog Activity tracker, it’s more a fun way to get your kids exercising. Younger kids will have fun with their pets but older kids will get bored with it pretty quickly.


  • Wristband is stiff and if your child has a petite wrist, it won’t adjust down to that size.
  • Limited learning, challenges are a bit repetitious and older kids will get bored quickly.
  • Not a touch screen.


  • Rechargeable batteries with good battery life.
  • Good price.
  • Encourages exercise.
  • Introduces the concept of good food and nutrition via the pets app.

Buy The LeapFrog LeapBand


LeapFrog Activity Tracker
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Build
  • Battery Life
  • Learning and Development


The LeapFrod Activity Tracker Band can be a fun way to get your kids moving and it’s not expensive. Older kids will quickly get bored with it, it’s more suitable for pre-school. If your kids are already active, there’s no real benefit to purchasing a tracker like this. If you’re looking for more learning and development, you’d be better looking at a the LeapFrog tablets.

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