Leapfrog Leappad Ultra XDI Learning Tablet

Leapfrog LeapPad Ultra XDI Learning Tablet

Leapfrog Leappad Ultra XDI Learning Tablet

The Leapfrog Leappad Ultra XDI Learning Tablet is from the same makers as the LeapPad 3 and is another learning tablet from Leapfrog. Described by LeapFrog as being suitable for 3 to 9 yrs the Ultra XDI provides a robust, safe learning environement.

Leapfrog Leappad Ultra XDI specs

  • Screen 7 inch capacitive
  • Resolution  1024×600
  • Battery  Built-in lithium ion
  • Batter life – 6+ hours
  • Kid-safe web experience  LeapSearch powered by Zui
  • Camera – 2mp front and back
  • Speed  800mhz
  • Memory size – 8GB
  • Video recorder – 480p video recording
  • Included apps – 11 apps included
  • Dimensions – 7.5 x 5.2 x 1

Learning with the LeapPad Ultra XDI

Leapfrog Leappad Ultra XDI Learning TabletAlthough this is marketed from 3 yrs up, younger children will also be able to make use of some of the apps.

The art studio app can be set up with a blank page for your toddler to develop manual dexterity skills.

The music app has well-known learning rhymes included and more can be downloaded via the inbuilt WiFi.

Setting the Ultra XDI up is pretty straight forward and it’s surprising how quickly a very young child can learn to use it. Lilly 18mths (image right) was up and running in just a few minutes.

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra XDI robustThe touch screen is very responsive, Lilly was delighted with her first drawings, using the pen with a feather light touch.

Moving from one app to another can be slow, understandable with just an 800mhz processor. A toddler doesn’t understand the “circle” going round and round when they’re impatient to listen to the next song or start a new drawing.

Fortunately the Ultra XDI very ROBUST! This tablet has been hard dropped many times over and withstood the abuse that  young children can reap on their toys.


 User Review by Lilly’s Mom

“This pad was purchased for my daughters 1st birthday and is a very sturdy, well-built tablet, and was well priced  It has been dropped several times and copes well with rough handling due to it having impact zones, which protect the screen and tablet innards.

I didn’t purchase a case for it but this would perhaps be a recommended addition, especially if it is being used daily. At 1 yr old, The ultra XDI turned out to be too advanced for my daughter so she could only use it if we were helping. I would say it is more suitable for around 18mths (although supervision is still required) and upwards although the recommended age by Leap pad is 3 years +.

It is heavier and bulkier to handle than earlier models due to its 7” hi-res screen, although it does give better viewing and not as pixely.

It has built-in Wi-Fi with kid-safe Web surfing and additional parental settings. We have used the web mainly to watch videos such as animal antics and short cartoons. You also have access to a library of 800+ educator-approved apps, games, eBooks, videos and music. It comes with 11 apps, 8GB of storage and a built-in rechargeable battery. It does take a while to charge up but seems to keep a charge for a long time.

It is touch screen which responds well to touch or a stylus. We have used both front and back cameras and while both are fairly poor at taking photos they are adequate and Lilly doesn’t notice, she just likes looking at herself!

UltraXdi Apps

According to leap pad your kids can “safely play with friends using virtual pets or LeapFrog characters. Pet Chat allows kids to safely ‘text’ over a local connection with safe pre-defined chat phrases and emoticons with fun sounds.”This is not an app we have used yet as our daughter is too young, I’m not sure it is something she will use in future either as we didn’t purchase the pad to use online.

It was the educational apps and games which encouraged us to purchase the leap pad.  I like the way you can connect to the LeapFrogLearning Path to see details of your child’s play and gather ideas to support the learning.

The leap pad is full of games, apps and many other additions, which we haven’t looked at yet but which I’m sure will be used when our daughter is older and able to operate it on her own.

The biggest downside is the expense of the cartridges or downloads, neither of which are particularly cheap. You have to use specific LeapFrog software so there is no option to download anything else which may be cheaper. This does make the pad much safer for kids but I would recommend shopping around for sales if you are looking for new games or apps.

The LeapPad is great for travelling, we’ve kept Lilly amused on some long car journeys, the battery power is great for this.

It can also take a while to load in comparison to standard tablets but this isn’t a major problem. It is a sturdy, child-friendly tablet, which is definitely suited for older toddlers, especially when they are able to operate the educational apps.

 The  Leapfrog LeapPad Ultra XDI Learning Tabletwas a great purchase. It will certainly be a while before Lilly outgrows it and it’s tough enough to stand the test of time.”

LeapPad Educator Approved Apps

The “educator” approved games and apps cover everything from creativity & life Skills, mathematics, reading/writing and science. The learning library draws from over 2,600 core subject areas.

The Leappad Ultra XDI comes with 11 preinstalled apps. This is enough to get you started but children over toddler age will soon be looking for more. Apps range in price from a few dollars right up to the bundled packs in double figures. Relatives and family friends  can come in handy here on birthdays and special holidays!

Leappad Ultra XDI Security Features

This by way of a simple 4 digit security pin number. You can turn off the WiFi, peer to peer games and make sure your child has a safe learning environment.


  • It can be slow, just upping the processor speed to 1000MHz like the LeapPad3p would have been an improvement.
  • Older kids, in the 8/9 age group might find it a bit limiting and be looking for a more “grown up” tablet, like the Samsung Galaxy Lite 3 for kids.
  • The responsive touch screen.
  • Robust solid build.
  • Simple setup.

 Buy theLeapFrog LeapPad Ultra XDI Kids’ Learning Tablet

Leapfrog Leappad Ultra XDI Learning Tablet
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Display
  • Performance
  • Battery Life
  • Build


A robust learning tablet that’s easy to set up and use. The slow speed and lack of included apps lets it down.

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