LeapFrog My Pals

LeapFrog My Pals

Leapfrog my pal violetAt the moment, there are 2 versions of Leapfrog My Pals, Leapfrog My Pal Violet and Leapfrog My Pal Scout. The only difference is the color so it’s just down to personal preference!

Leapfrog My Pals  introduces early learning concepts such as numbers and music.

My Pal prompts your kids to interact, encouraging them to talk and sing along building early language skills.



Developmental Benefits of The Leapfrog My Pals

The MyPal Violet is a great pre-school toy designed for ages 6 to 36mths. Some parents have used it just as a cuddly toy for younger babies. Although this puppy pal looks cute and cuddly she delivers a range of developmental benefits for your baby.

  • Counting
  • Colours
  • Feelings & Emotions
  • First Words & Phrases

You can personalize My Pal in a number of ways by connecting to your computer, it only take a few minutes. By connecting to the Leapfrog Learning Path, you can get ideas for expanding the learning you child does.

You can teach Violet your child’s name, and she’ll say and spell it along with your toddler.

There are more than 15 learning activities which can be personalized with your child’s favorite animal, color, or food.

The music part has over 40 tunes, learning, upbeat and lullabies. To help baby transition to quiet time, there is a lullaby timer that plays 5, 10 or 15mns of music suitable for bedtime. The 15mns is great, some other toys, like the Gloworm only have a few seconds or less than 5 mns, not really long enough for some babies.

It’s easy for babies to use due to the motifs on the feet, they soon make the connection between the music symbol and tunes being played.

LeapFrog My Pals – More Information

LeapFrog My Pals connectionLeapFrog My Pals are hugely popular and a best seller on Amazon. Not surprising as they combine cuddliness with learning! This newer model is slightly different to the old one, but if you’ve never had the old version you probably won’t miss the old features:

  • The chest heart has gone, when you hug it now, nothing happens
  • There’s no USB cord, although this is an improvement as you connect via the headphone jack.
  • The battery pack is larger and takes up more space making the MyPal not quite as cuddly as the older version.

It takes 3AAA batteries (included) and Leapfrog say they last from 7-9 hours.  This depends on how it’s used, the continual playing of music drains the batteries much faster.

Violet can be tricky to clean, remember she has a computer chip in there so can’t be machine washed.! Leapfrog say ” Clean with a slightly damp cloth (cold water). Do not use soap, detergent or other chemicals. Never submerge the product in water”.  You can find some tips on how other Moms have cleaned theirs on this website.

Dimensions -11″ Height x 10.50″ Width x 6.70″ Depth
Weight – (Approx)1.85 lb


  • The bigger battery pack makes it heavier and less cuddly.
  • If you need support from Leapfrog, they can take a while to answer.
  • The velcro holding the battery pack in place gets worn fairly quickly.
  • Not easy to clean if it gets grubby or baby vomits on it.


  • Great price!
  • Easy to setup.
  • Bedtime transition.
  • Battery life.

Buy the LeapFrog My Pal

LeapFrog My Pals
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Build
  • Battery Life
  • Learning and Development


Leaving aside the way Leapfrog have altered My Pals from the previous version, this is a great preschool toy. It encourages your baby to learn in different areas and is a great price. It’s a shame Leapfrog haven’t come up with a better way of cleaning it, we all know how messy babies can be.

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