LeapPad Headphones

LeapPad Headphones

As mentioned in previous reviews, there are many Leapfrog LeapPad accessories available. If you have friends and family looking for ideas for gifts for you little ones, these Leappad Headphones are a perfect solution!

I know my kids always loved using my headphones, but they didn’t stay on their heads and tantrums usually followed!

Specially designed for children, LeapFrog headphones have a padded headband and ear cushions for comfort. LeapFrog, as always have taken into account growing children so the headband is easily adjustable. The ear pieces are smaller than adult size ones.

leapfrog leappad accessoriesThese LeapFrog headphones  come in 2 colors green and purple/pink and are for using with:

  • LeapPad1 Learning Tablet
  • LeapPad2 Learning Tablet
  • LeapPad2 Power Learning Tablet
  • LeapPad3 Learning Tablet
  • LeapPad Ultra Learning Tablet
  • LeapReader Reading and Writing System
  • Tag Reading System
  • Leapster Explorer Learning Game System
  • LeapsterGS Learning Game System

These headphones won’t go any louder than 85 decibels a safety feature that means your kids don’t get deafened! Even if you turn the device volume up, the sound stays low. This is fine in quiet surroundings, but sometimes in a noisier environment not practical.

Due to the padding and size of the ear pieces, the sounds stays enclosed and helps stop outside noise getting in too (in quieter situations).

LeapFrog headphones have a normal jack so can also be used with other devices such as IPads and computers.

Headphones for children are great for quiet time learning, your kids will focus better without outside noise to distract them.

Because LeapFrog has such a large collection of audio books, learning songs and games, these headphones will be well used. They’re particularly useful for pre-school children who haven’t yet learned  to read.

Sturdily built and at a good price, these Leapfrog headphones would make a great addition to your child’s LeapFrog device.

Buy LeapFrog Headphones!

LeapPad Headphones
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Build
  • Learning and Development


Specially designed for children and sturdily built there’s not much I can find to fault with these headphones.These Leapfrog headphones would make a great addition to your child’s LeapFrog device.

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