VTech Call And Chat Phone

VTech Call And Chat Phone

Like the VTech Touch Swipe baby phone, the VTech Call And Chat Phone is another pretend smart phone for your kids. It’s aimed at ages 2-5 yrs, which is about right. Younger toddlers would struggle to use the voice activation feature, although they’s have some fun with the big colorful buttons and flashing light.

VTech Call And Chat Phone featuresIt has 15 App buttons and a chat button as well as a chatty parrot to help guide you through the games and activities.  For older kids the voice activation technology allows them to interact with the parrot as he asks questions and then responds with the voice input.

Kids can select their own ringtone and  the “phone book” has 5 contacts where real phone numbers can be entered, like Mom, Dad ect.

The concepts taught are:

  • numbers
  • letters
  • time.



VTech Call And Chat Phone Activities

There are 10 activities on the VTech Phone

  • Phone Book – Any of the 5 character buttons can be pressed which takes you to that person’s phone number page. There’s a call button and microphone feature for leaving a message when the light goes on. The  phone numbers can be changed to real numbers to help kids recognise important phone numbers.
  • Letter Chat – This activity is for learning the alphabet. The arrow buttons scroll from A to Z
  • Number Counting – A fun way for kids to learn the concept of numbers. Like the Letter chat, the arrow buttons scroll from one number to the next.
  • Letter Quiz – In this activity, letter questions are asked. The arrow buttons are used to choose the answer and then pressing the enter button gives the result.
  •  Number Quiz – This works in the same way as the letter quiz. Number questions are asked and they gradually get more challenging. The arrow buttons are used to choose the answer, then either the enter button or number button is pressed to answer the question.
  • Charge It Up! – This is a really fun way to teach kids about cause and effect. “Uh oh! The cell phone’s battery is low. Let’s charge the phone by using wind power and solar power.” Listen to the instructions and then blow into the microphone to spin the windmill or move the clouds away from the sun.
  • My Clock – In this activity, kids learn the different hours on a clock. Use the arrow buttons to move the clock hands and press Enter to hear the clock chime out the number.
  • Music Fun – There are 5 different tunes to choose from in this activity. The arrow buttons change the instruments for added fun.
  • Picture Fun – Animated picture fun by pressing the arrows to choose a picture then watch an animation.
  • Let’s Chat – This is probably the most fun activity where the voice activation comes into play. Pressing the Let’s Chat button makes a call to the friendly parrot. He loves to chat and will ask your kid questions. Use the microphone to have a chat with him and respond to his questions. Pressing the cancel button hangs up.

The size of the phone is 6 x 3.3 x 0.9 inches and it weight 7.2 ounces. It comes with 2 AAA batteries included.

While the VTech Call and Chat Phone is a fun pre-school toy older children will soon tire of it once they’ve sussed out all the activities. Young kids love the animated talking parrot and the buttons are easy to press.

The voice activation on this VTech phone works really well, I was surprised at how realistic the voice activation part is. The phone asks  questions and only carries on the conversation if it gets an answer- very cool contrast to the toys that just keep talking and talking, regardless of how the child is responding. When a question doesn’t get answered, it is repeated just the once, much better than  toys that harass the kids until they interact!


  • Older kids will quickly get bored with it.
  • Not as robust as it should be, 2 yrs olds are pretty tough on toys!
  • Don’t give it to a drooling baby, it’s not drool proof.
  • No auto shut off.


  • The voice activation works really well.
  • Battery life is good.
  • The “charge it up activity” teaches cause and effect really well.
  • Buttons are easy to press for little fingers.
  • Great price!

Buy the VTech Call and Chat Learning Phone

VTech Call and Chat Learning Phone
  • Price
  • Easy of Use
  • Build
  • Battery Life
  • Learning and Development


The VTech Call And Chat Phone is a fun learning toy for younger children, kids love interacting with the parrot. Although it’s not as robust as some preschool learning toys,the voice activation feature makes it worth buying at this price.

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