VTech Light Up Tablet For Babies

VTech Light Up Tablet For Babies

vtech baby touch tabletIt’s wonderful to see the look on your baby’s face when they learn by discovering something new.
VTech® created this VTech Light Up Tablet For Babies as a direct response to what children do naturally, play!

VTech®  has used innovative technology in this light up baby touch tablet making it a fun experience while also teaching age appropriate concepts.

  • First words
  • Numbers
  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Music

Learning with the VTech Light Up Tablet

Unlike the VTech swipe phone this tablet is drool proof! It will keep your baby amused for a long time, even one with a short attention span, keeping them occupied and engaged.

  • The on/off/volume is a slide control and easy to turn on and off for small fingers. First there is a playful song and then some encouraging words. On the screen there are fun animations and flashing lights appear with the sounds.
  • There are 8 activity icons which introduce the concepts of:
    • First words
    • Numbers
    • Shapes
    • Colors
    • Music
  • Touch the clock or weather icons to learn about time concepts and weather. The lights will flash with the
    sounds and again, the screen will show those fun animations.
  •  By touching the “Cody The Smart Cub” icon baby will get access to a fun game. Touch the light-up screen to answer.
  • There is camera zoom in and out buttons which when tapped will play phrases and sounds, along with the lights flashing.

The melody list includes many popular rhymes such as, Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill,  London Bridge, Three Little Kittens, Old King Cole and many more.

light up baby touch tabletI love the volume buttons which adjust from high to low, even the high isn’t so loud to be annoying. The swipe function is in the middle analog screen. great for infants and toddlers from 1 to 3 years (marketed at 9 to 36mths). They love that it reacts to their touch.

The VTech Baby Touch Tablet  is compact enough for small hands and puts up with a lot of knocks and abuse,(including baby teeth and drools!).

To preserve battery life, the VTech Light Up Tablet For Babies has an automatic power-down after approximately 45 seconds without input. This a good addition, babies don’t switch things off and can go through a ton of batteries on pre-school learning toys like this.

Another nice touch is the jack for headphones, some babies enjoy having headphones on just like Mom or Dad.

At 12 mths, it unlikely your baby will fully appreciate the learning side of things but it’s a toy they can grow into while still getting fun from it. If your baby/toddler  is already used to your IPad, the VTech won’t cut it.


  • Although this is robust, there have been reports of buttons not working on new units.
  • Heavy on batteries.
  • Older babies might the functions limiting, especially if they’ve already had access to your real tablet.


  • The buttons are easy for little fingers.
  • The The VTechis easy to swipe.
  • Copes with drool!
  • Great for keeping babies amused on long journeys (if you take spare batteries).

Buy the VTech Light-Up Baby Touch Tablet

VTech Light Up Tablet For Babies
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Build
  • Battery Life
  • Learning and Development


This isn’t an expensive toy. It’s unlikely a young baby will appreciate the learning side of things, but they’ll have fun with it while they grow into the learning aspect. If your baby/toddler is already used to your IPad, the VTech won’t cut it. Make sure you have a good supply of batteries.

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