VTech Touch Swipe Baby Phone

VTech Touch Swipe Baby Phone

If your young one is always trying to grab your smartphone then the VTech Touch Swipe Baby Phone is the solution! The VTech will get your kids started in the world of smartphones using “pretend” apps.

Aimed at 6 to 36mths, there are 2 modes of play, learning and music. They can listen and singalong to popular tunes and the learning apps light up, the babies love it!

Developmental Benefits

VTech Touch Swipe baby phone appsThe VTech Touch isn’t just a toy, there are a number of development features built in.

  • Discovering through exploration
  •  Coordination of hand and eye
  • Imaginative play
  • Language Development

The activities in the apps provide a start to introducing simple vocabulary and role-play phrases. There are parental control features such as an automatic turn off and a few personalization features.

One of these personalizations is the “Home” button where you can record and save your home phone number to encourage learning.

The “slide feature is simple, moving from one screen to another and easy for the very young to use. The use of vivid colors keep your kid engaged while they make their “phone calls”.

The  sing-along songs in the music “app” introduce the first concepts of abc, numbers and simple words.

The VTech touch swipe baby phone is a tough toy designed to withstand plenty of knocks and being thrown from a height, however, it isn’t water proof. If your baby is teething and drooling a lot, it can cause the “swipe” function to stop working.

I think by the time your kid gets to 3yrs, they’ll have outgrown a toy like this. It’s a very simple design, (albeit robust) and you can’t add any apps to it like on the LeapFrog range of tablets.


  • Many reports of it breaking after a short time due to baby’s drool.
  • No ability to add new apps as your child grows.


  • Robust if kept dry.
  • Flashing lights keep young baby amused.
  • Learning and development features.
  • Batteries last a long time due to the auto switch of feature.
  • It’s cheap!

VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone – Blue – Online Exclusive

VTech Touch Swipe Baby Phone
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Build
  • Battery Life
  • Learning and Development


The VTech Touch Swipe Baby Phone is a cheap baby toy so don’t expect a lot. It’ll give your young baby and toddler a lot of fun and some learning and development (if you stop them from drooling on it) but don’t expect it to last till they’re 3 yrs old.

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